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Sep 1, 2016


As Summer glides gently into Fall and we ease towards the end of Season 2, Victrola brings you another episode of Sketch Comedy - just in time for the 15th annual OUT OF BOUNDS COMEDY FESTIVAL!

This month's episode features special guests Brently Heilbron (Stand Up Empire) and Yamina Khouane (Fuck This Week).

LIVE SHOWS: We're performing at Out of Bounds! Friday, September 2nd at 7:30pm! Get your tickets!

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Victrola is brought to you by the fine folks at Austin's ColdTowne Theater. Written by and Starring Michael JastrochBob McNicholBryan RobertsLance GilstrapCortnie Jones and Jericho Thorp. And now, at long last, Molly Moore!

Produced by Michael Jastroch, with editing by Dalton Allen - in collaboration with our good friends at Humordy ( and ColdTowne Theater (


Anarchist Protest
Peter's Family Reunion
McGrifters Clock Store
Family Dinner
Poster Artist
First National Drive Through Teller